Did you Know these 10 Facts About Magic?

A magician may not reveal his secrets, but these cool facts may be new to you. How many of these interesting facts have you heard before? The Classic Magician Look The traditional look for magicians came from a performing magician in France named Hermann the Great. He...
Face Painting and Children’s Imaginations

Face Painting and Children’s Imaginations

For most adults, having their child’s face painted is a cute photo opportunity and a quick clean-up later. But what most parents fail to realize is how much face painting means to some kids. Face painting is, for many kids about imagination and playing pretend. But...

A Short History of Magic

Magic has been a part of how we understand the world since man first created fire. The magical and mystical arts have been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years. But some of the most ancient magical illusions and card tricks have been around for centuries, or...
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