Finding the right magician for your next party can be hard, if you don’t know what to look for. When hiring a professional magician, it is important to consider a few variables when considering magicians to hire.

Videos can be Misleading

Videos of magicians often use cuts and flashy edits to hide part of a trick, or to mask mistakes. Other people in those videos can also be actors, used to enhance how the performance is received. It is best to see them live, or read reviews from those who have.

Anthony the Magician and Entertainer

Experience in Your Type of Event

Not all magicians are known for the same types of shows. Some perform best for kids, some are better for wandering a crowd, and others are better on a large theater stage. Knowing what kind of venue and guests you will have will ultimately help you narrow down your list of magicians.


A magician’s show can often be immersive, theatrical, or atmospheric. Knowing the type of presentation you want for your event can be a huge help in finding the best performer for your venue. Immersive magicians get the audience involved in the performance. Theatrical magicians put on a big show and captivate the audience. Atmospheric magic shows are a background part of your event, moving from group to group, or staying stationary for passersby. There are pros and cons to each style of performance; and most magicans are not limited to one style of presentation.

With over 25 years of experience, Steve the Magician will be sure to meet all of your expectations. Make sure you’re picking the funniest, most charismatic magician. We can guarantee your guests will be entertained and incredibly pleased with the performance.

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