Most magicians have stories about seeing a Magician when they were 7 or 8 years old, and they were hooked. I don’t remember seeing too many magic shows when I was that age, however. I was around 12 years old when it all started.
My father opened up a booth in a New Jersey flea market to make a little extra money. They had two, yes two, magic booths there. I would frequent them all the time, slowly becoming more and more interested in magic.
When I was 15, a friend of mine suggested we start a little business and do magic shows for parties. He always had a good head for business,so we went for it. We printed up business cards and we were on our way. We teamed up and did parties and other types of shows together.
This lasted a little while, but his interest in Magic faded while mine increased. At around 16 or 17, I got a job in an ice cream parlor called “Zipz, make your own Sundae”. It was an ice cream store that held birthday parties. The parties consisted of pizza for the kids, followed by ice cream sundaes, and then my magic show. I would do a half hour magic show for for the kids, who really enjoyed my act.
After about 2 years I decided to go out on my own; knowing that I could reach a larger audience than the parlor’s party room could hold. So I put an ad in the local PennySaver, opened up a checking account and started doing lots of magic shows on my own!
35 years later I’m still doing the same thing, but on a much bigger scale. It isn’t just me anymore either; I’ve teamed up with other magicians, celebrity look-alikes, and all sorts other entertainers. Most importantly, my son has been learning the tricks of the trade along side me. And I’m sure my magic, comedy, timing and delivery are much better than back in those days.
I do private parties, schools, camps and all kinds of events. I’ve even gotten to the point where people who had me at their parties when they were kids, call me for their own children!

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