For many young children, as well as adults, learning the art of magic is a way to learn a talent, while also improving on their everyday skills. When a child begins the journey to become a magician, they develop on a number of social and physical skills. The art of prestidigitation can be used by a child to express themselves, as well as to impress others; but at its core, magic is a way for a child to develop who they are.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Learning any performing art can help your child communicate better. But magic helps them develop conversational skills, as well as increasing confidence. Public Speaking is a necessary skill in almost any profession today, and certainly in school. Learning to develop the skills needed to perform in front of a group of people takes practice. Confidence and ambition can grow from building communication skills. Captivating an audience is a trick that should be in every magician’s repertoire. After a child learns them through something fun, like magic, they begin to apply them naturally in everyday situations.

Fostering Creativity

Magicians require creativity to come up with their acts, as well as to perform them. Imagination and magic go hand-in-hand. When a child learns a magic trick, they can begin to think more critically about it. This creativity and imagination can come out in their magic act, as well as in their everyday life. With a more active imagination, writing skills and critical thinking can flourish in school. Reading feel more immersive and enjoyable to children who have developed their creativity and imagination.


Learning any new skill takes time and effort. Magic is no different. Learning a new magic trick can be a fun and enjoyable way to learn that perseverance in any task is a key to success. It takes critical thinking, and patience, to learn and figure out a new magic trick. Perseverance and patience can reflect in all aspects of life.

Steve offers magic classes for the 5 boroughs, and New Jersey. Classes run anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Supplies are included which are the ‘everyday objects’ used to do magic, as well as real magic tricks found at magic shops, the Internet, and more.

With over 25 years of experience, Steve the Magician will be sure to meet all of your expectations. Make sure you’re picking the funniest, most charismatic magician. We can guarantee your guests will be entertained and incredibly pleased with the performance.

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