child participating in magic trickThe restaurant business is an extremely competitive market. There are always a variety of different options to choose from, but how do you pick the best one? One thing that has become popular over the years is restaurant magic. This usually entails close-up magic, where the magician will go around table to table, and entertain your guests.

  1. Magic is extremely popular right now. Customers want to see magic, and as a restaurant owner/manager, this should be taken advantage of. Close up magic allows the customers to watch the magician perform, right in front of the spectator’s eyes.
  2. Magic is unobtrusive. With most other kinds of entertainment, such as comedy, karaoke, or bands, your customers are forced to listen- even if they are not interested. A magician goes from table to table to perform, and if a particular table does not want to be involved, they can simply decline. You can host entertainment without worrying about driving away customers.
  3. A magical performance will buy time while your customers are waiting to be seated, or even for their food to arrive to their table. A close up performance will help the time pass quickly, and the customers will be satisfied with their entertainment.
  4. Magic is sure to draw families and kids back in. When parents ask their kids where they want to eat, they are more likely to pick the place where a magician is performing.  Magicians are sure to entertain, add humor, and mystify the kids.

Close magic is a perfect addition to a restaurant environment. Having a magician perform is cost effective, and will generate new business. Enchant your customers with our highly rated, fun- filled entertainment. With over 25 years of experience, Steve the Magician and his team will be sure to meet all of his clients expectations. Make sure you’re picking the funniest, most charismatic entertainers. We can guarantee your guests will be entertained and incredibly pleased with the performance.

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