magician performing for children at partyThere are many forms of entertainment that your guests might enjoy, but nothing compares to the thrill of a magician. Whether you need an entertainer for a wedding, a retreat, or an office party, make sure to please your guests with a performance they won’t forget. A witty magician creates thrilling illusions and adds contagious humor which can carry through your celebration past the end of the show.  

  1. Magician performances are suitable for all guests, of all ages. Our goal is to make sure that any given audience is pleased with the show, regardless of how the age group may vary. Adults like to be enlightened by a talented illusionist and children love the allure of a funny Magician.
  2. Magic shows have diverse entertainment factors. Magicians can compromise humor, skill, as well as storytelling all in one performance.
  3. There are never any awkward silences while a magician is performing! Watching a magician perform will build up suspense and anticipation, and will get everyone talking about what they’re watching.
  4. By hiring a magician to entertain your audience, especially at an event where a magician is unexpected, it can liven up your crowd and leave them with something to talk about!
  5. A well trained magician can bedazzle party guests or corporate clients with a wonderful feeling that releases endorphins and turns up the energy in any room.

A magical illusion inspires wonder to kids or guests at a party. No other form of entertainment fills the void that magic does.

With over 25 years of experience, Steve the Magician will be sure to meet all of his clients expectations. Make sure you’re picking the funniest, most charismatic magician. We can guarantee your guests will be entertained and incredibly pleased with the performance.

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